bike town beta pt. 1

I made it out for the first part of Bike Town Beta tonight (and to the organizers, thank you!) – long enough to get a taste, but before the real table of bike-town-ness got set. A shame I had to skip out when I did, but I’m looking forward to the next one. I’ve got some more thoughts coming about the whole experience – my first out on a social ride – but I wanted to take a quick second to encourage people to contribute to the map I’m trying to create.

Again, as I kind of wrote yesterday, this map comes out of a feeling that there isn’t a single place where people can go to actually see bike routes mapped out by people who use them, and I feel like that’s a huge lack within the cycling community (fractured or imaginary as it is).

What I wrote yesterday is here, and I have another little blurb written here.

Most importantly, the map itself.

(And as BikinginLA pointed out in the comments to yesterday’s piece, it would stand to reason that there’s a better way of putting this together – if someone has an idea, I’m all ears)

Update: Having done a little more looking, I found C.I.C.L.E.’s very helpful list of bike routes. It’s another really good place to look for information about Los Angeles routes.


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