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updated bike map: mar vista to koreatown

Will made some helpful points about the first version of the bike route between Mar Vista and Koreatown:

I tried Cochran recently going south all the way to Venice. Not bad, but it’s a bit crowded/narrow in parts.

I’ve also used Cochran to 8th to Fairfax to Venice going south (and vice versa going north) and find that a good option.

Redondo and Crescent Heights are still my faves, and thanks for the tip about Wilton. I had a feeling it was bad but I had never ventured much below Wilshire on it.

The interesting part about Redondo coming back north is not to take it all the way up to La Brea, but instead to make a right from Redondo on Edgewood Place and cross La Brea. A couple blocks on the other side Edgewood meets up with Highland and that’s OK to ride, at least up to Wilshire where the cars get crowdy/angry.

It’s funny, looking at that zig-zagging cut through I do between La Cienega and Venice makes it seem like so much extra work, but I’d do just about anything to avoid La Cienega, especially where there are freeway on and off ramps involved.

All good points, and I tried to take a couple of them and update the map a little. You can see it below or find it here.


words of warning

This situation isn’t exactly new, but for anyone who rides 6th between San Vicente and Fairfax, a couple of sinkholes have developed in the right lane. One of them has been pretty well marked for the better part of two weeks. The other one, which to my mind is the more severe of the two, is marked by an orange cone, but isn’t nearly as visible. You’ll come across them if you’re riding east on Sixth between Crescent Heights and Fairfax. For what it’s worth, I’ve gone and updated the map as well.

And one more thought about biking and ethics (or another ethic, another suggestion for a universal): Ride in traffic (Demand it?) like you expect to be seen; plan like you won’t. You might not win the most points with asinine drivers, but I feel like I’ve been safest as a rider on the street in traffic when I demand to be seen by cars.