Only a short one, I’m afraid, but off to San Fran for the weekend. For people around LA this weekend, two rides worth riding:

Friday (via Gary Rides Bikes) is the Midnight Ridazz All City Toy Ride. As the Ridazz post explains:

Its that time of the year again! Midnight Ridazz 3rd Annual All City Toy Ride!
The riding cheer will spread once more.
For this ride we ask that all participants bring one new un-wrapped toy/gift valued between $5-$25. Toys will be donated to charity.

F.U.N. to follow.

Saturday (via Will’s post on Metblogs) is the LA Grand Crew Beer Bike Ride. As Hot Knives explains:

Listen up people. On Saturday, Dec. 20 , the extended Hot Knives blogging crew will lead a roughly 22-mile bike ride and holiday shopping spree to four of our favorite beer stores on L.A.’s eastside. Some of the stores you may know, some may be new! Most of the owners have graciously offered our beer riders a discount, so it’s a perfect chance to grab a rare bottle of holiday ale, stout, porter, saison, lambic, winter warmer or whatever for your loved ones this holiday seaz. Think of it like Christmas shopping on spokes, without even going to the mall! And no Santas!



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