transportation committee meeting report

If you’re here, you’ve already probably been to Streetsblog, but if you haven’t, Damien posted an extensive report on yesterday’s Transportation Committee meeting. I was happy to read that the Councilman Bill Rosendahl promised that the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights would not be amended, and in general, it sounds like the meeting – while not an unqualified success – was definitely a step in the right direction. As Damien ends his report:

Reading this post, you might wonder why the mood was so celebratory when so many uninspiring things happened during the meeting.  The answer is simple.  For a constituency used to second class treatment, seeing an engaged and animated City Council taking their sides was a watershed moment.  Hopefully, it’s just one in a series until we live in a different Los Angeles.

Also in attendance? BikinginLA, with his own thoughts about the meeting here. Thanks to everyone who went in support, and I’m sorry I missed it.


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